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Cornerstone Investment Group INC is a niche corporation located in Panama, Central America that specializes in managing funds in the currency exchange market. Cornerstone has been thoughtfully structured so your investment capital remains under your name at all times. This ensures that our investors experience the exceptional results Cornerstone is achieving, while maintaining the highest standard of fund security.

Cornerstone has forged partnerships with some of the largest regulated currency exchange brokers in the world. The broker facilitates all client deposits and withdrawals while Cornerstone focuses on growing your investment by trading various currencies

This is possible through the use of a Limited Power of Attorney agreement between our clients, the broker and Cornerstone.

The Limited Power of Attorney allows the trades Cornerstone places to be copied to our investor’s account and also states the terms and conditions of our service fee. The Limited Power of Attorney has no term restrictions and can be revoked at any time. This structure gives our clients maximum investment flexibility with the added peace of mind that client funds remain under their name and control.


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- Target yearly return over investment of 20%

- Independently verified trading history

- Exceptional risk management

- Low historical drawdown

- Consistent monthly returns

- Positive trading expectancy


- Professionally managed 24 hours a day

- Seven partnering brokers to choose from

- All client funds are held in their name

- Client funds are administered by their broker

- No sensitive client information held by Cornerstone



- No minimum term for investment

- Client funds can be withdrawn from their broker at any time

- The Limited Power of Attorney our clients sign in order to receive our services can be revoked at any time for any reason

- Partial withdrawals allowed by most brokers

- Scalable risk to fit our client’s unique investment needs


- Clients can track their investment minute to minute with their PC or mobile device

- Receive daily and monthly statements from the broker

- Our trading history is independently verified using Monthly trading statements are also available upon request

- Cornerstone does not charge a Performance Fee unless we achieve new equity highs for our clients

- Cornerstone never receives any client funds directly. All investors withCornerstone are required to go through a regulated broker in order to join our services


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- 2015 -
Trading History

- Monthly Historical Performance -

*Note: The actual return over investment for our IC Markets fund in 2014 was 18.29%, however the account was running at double our standard risk.
Follow your account performance daily!
Thank you for taking the time to learn about our investment services. If we can assist you in answering any question regarding our financial services, please feel free to contact us.
You’re just in time to enjoy the exceptional returns the Cornerstone Investment Group is achieving


As a client you can choose the broker that perfectly fits for your investment needs. The minimum investment in order to join Cornerstone Investment Group is $5,000 USD


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  • “I have been investing with Cornerstone Investment Group for one year. They were able to successfully adapt their trading style through different critical market conditions. I am very glad with the results”

    - Gian Paolo R -
  • “After analyzing the proposals of Cornerstone Investment Group, I decided to participate in this project mainly for the trustworthiness they have demonstrated this first year working with them. Their responsibility in the constant communication of the management of my money make me feel safe with what the company provides me. I will happily continue trusting my funds to Cornerstone Investment Group.”

    - Fidel M -
  • “Many people have heard and read about the forex market offering spectacular returns and like many others I thought it was a too good to be true because I did not have the knowledge about the functioning of these markets. As a housewife I thought I couldn’t be an investor in these markets.

    In 2014 I dared to take the big step, knowing that all investments are risky and I could earn more than with the bank account. We had contact with Cornerstone Investment Group, a company that is dedicated to manage funds in these markets for all people who want a higher return on their money and don’t have the time or knowledge to do it themselves. In 2015 I continue working with Cornerstone Investment Group with the confidence that I have control of my funds and the certainty that they are working hard to make my money grow.”

    - Patricia M. -
  • “My association with Cornerstone goes back almost 18 months. During this time they have moved to the present in-house low risk Cornerstone automated/manual configuration which closely monitors performance and exposure to risk on behalf of clients.

    The day-to-day operations are personally managed by the experts at Cornerstone and it shows: they are aiming for a monthly return of 3-5% which seems quite achievable. Unlike many organizations, fees are only deducted from profits, so no profit no fee! Because Cornerstone’s trades are mirrored, your funds never leave the security of your own account. On a final note, support enquiries are dealt with in a professional and timely manner – often from the founder of the organization. You can’t get better service than that!”

    - Peter W. -


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  • “Cornerstone is the single best way you can diversify your investment portfolio while maintaining excellent year over year returns.”

    - Robert McDonell Carmona -
  • “We are a company that balances business and social responsibility and it starts with who we are.”

    - Nolvia Serrano -
  • “I believe the history of this company is written by our daily efforts in building a better society through our commitment with our clients and the communities we impact.”

    - Francisco Magaña -
  • “Cornerstone has taught me that bringing new ideas every day is required in order to develop successful trading strategies. This provides our clients with stable returns on their investments, so we can help our clients achieve their individual investment goals.”

    - Carlos Rivas -

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